Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rock Dunder Trail

Dunder Rock Trail

Length: 3 km (round trip)
Time: 120 minutes
Terrain: Moderate to Difficult

Spring has arrived in Eastern Ontario and that typically means two things to me... The NHL playoffs are just around the corner and hiking season is here.

Today's conquest was Rock Dunder. Located in Morton, Ontario, Rock Dunder is great hike that both the young and old can enjoy. Taking the path described below takes about two hours and is about five kilometers long, round trip. Trails are marked with blue arrows. At the summit you'll enjoy one of the best views in the area.

Parking can be found just south of the small town of Morton at the end of an unmarked road. At the beginning of the trail is a outhouse, a few benches and a map of the trails. Not that they are difficult to remember, but I would still suggest taking a picture of the map for future reference. You never know when you'll need it.

From the parking lot there are two ways to reach the summit, I chose the Cabin One trail which in turn continues onto the Summit trail. The first kilometer of the hike is fairly flat with no real challenges. As you approach the first cabin you get a great view of the bay which means you're getting close to the more difficult parts.

Cabin One

But even though the trail becomes more challenging you'll still have no issues. After the cabin the path starts to follow along the bay about 10 metres above the water level, rising higher in some points. Here is where you get you're first great view of the region. Make sure you take a few minutes at each of the courtesy benches to take in the amazing scenery.

As you get closer to the top the trail will turn from moderate to difficult. Be aware of what's ahead and take your time, you're far from the parking lot and no one wants to get hurt.

Moderate to Difficult

The last five minutes of the hike are the hardest. In a short five minutes you climb about 50 vertical metres to the summit. You know you're getting close when the trail turns from dirt to smooth rock.

But now you're finally here, you reached the summit of Rock Dunder. Take some time and enjoy the views and make sure you take lots of photos. On a nice clear day you can see as far as the 1,000 Islands Tower near the US border. Also, be sure to watch you're footing around the ledges, it's a long, steep way down.

After you've enjoyed your time at the top turn around a head back down the trail and back to the car knowing you reached the summit of Rock Dunder.

View from the Summit